‘O sfusatello: the quintessential lemon of the Amalfi Coast

Friday, 17 May 2019

On the Amalfi Coast, there’s a little corner of heaven connecting Maiori to Minori which could not be more unique in the world. It’s a scented path used in ancient times as a gateway to the production and trade of the typical yellow citrus growing in the area. Indeed, the Amalfi Coast is known for producing the local lemons called “Sfusato Amalfitano.”

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful and flourishing land thanks to its climate. Little rainfall and plenty of sunshine: these two elements turn the perfumed yellow citrus into a product that is unique in the world.

The history of the Amalfitan sfusato dates back to the period of the Amalfi Maritime Republic when there were plenty of citrus groves in the area already. It is said that the people connected both to the maritime industry and the agriculture fields were working in the preparation of the liqueurs.


Undoubtedly, the most famous liqueur in the world is limoncello, an intense, yellow-coloured sweet liqueur. Its taste is due to the lemon peel steeping in ethyl alcohol with a strength of at least 90%. Three days of steeping the peels are enough to extract the flavour, and after that, a syrup made with water and sugar is added. Then the blend is filtered, and the limoncello is ready to be bottled and kept in a cool dry place. Remember to serve it freezing-cold!

Limoncello is not the only product worth mentioning: less famous, but absolutely worth tasting is the crema di limoncello. Its recipe is partially similar to that of the limoncello liqueur, but makers add boiled whole milk, sugar, cream and vanilla flavouring. For more adventurous tastes, there’s the liquore di cioccolato al limoncello (limoncello-flavoured chocolate liqueur): it’s a less traditional alternative where hints of chocolate are added to the fresh lemons.

There are many wonderful local liqueurs made from the Amalfitan sfusato: they give a bright and exciting taste of summer to all the travelers visiting the area, and enhance the recipes of the local desserts. Are you looking to try one? A good caprese cake with white chocolate and limoncello or a colder (and alcoholic) version of tiramisù!

Tell us the truth: don’t you want to try one of these delectable desserts made out of the Amalfitan sfusatello? #Goboating with us along the Amalfi Coast and reach the Divina Costiera in just over 30 minutes: check the timetables on our website and follow us on facebook for real-time updates. See you on board!

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