Amalfi, the heart of the Amalfi Coast

The city of Amalfi is the beating heart of the Amalfi Coast, and is unquestionably a tourist destination much sought by foreigners.

Famous all over the world both for the vestiges of important history, that you can breathe in every corner of the city, both for the unique panoramas, the crystal clear sea and its culinary delicacies, the town, which was the most powerful of the ancient and legendary Maritime Republics together with Pisa, Genoa and Venice really has a lot to offer to the many tourists who visit, every time of the year and especially in the summer.

Its foundation is doubtful. It seems to date back to pre-Roman times despite the inscription "Descendit ex patribus romanorum" that can be read on its coat of arms. There are various versions for its toponym t: it is probably due to the first settlers who came from Melfi, a Lucanian town, even if according to legend the city takes its name from the nymph Amalfi, loved by Hercules and buried in this place at the behest of the gods.

In the 10th century it was the only merchant center on the shores of the Mediterranean to have established profitable relationships both in the East and in Muslim Africa and to have founded colonies and representative centers in Alexandria Egypt, Tunis, Cyprus, Byzantium and even in India.
It reached its peak in the eleventh century. The Tables of Amalfi (  Tabula de Amalpha ), the oldest Italian maritime statute, used in  the Mediterranean area until the 16th century, dates back to this period. A copy of the statute is still preserved in the city's Civic Museum which is located in the Ancient Arsenal of the Amalfi Republic, the building where historically boats were built and repaired.

Amalfi can be reached by sea from both Salerno and Positano in 30 minutes, avoiding the road traffic and the cost of parking. 

Come and discover Amalfi, the heart of the Amalfi Coast, in the most simple way, avoiding long queues in the car and problems with parking and timing. 

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What to see and what to do in Amalfi?


Duomo, Cloister of Paradise, Crypt and Sant'Andrea Fountain

Do not miss a visit to the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea, dedicated to the patron saint of Amalfi. The magnificent cathedral dating back to the 9th century, in Arab-Norman Romanesque style, with the Cloister of Paradise and its steep and majestic staircase of 62 steps, is the most famous monument and symbol of the city all over the world.  It includes the annexed Basilica of the Crucifix and the wonderful Crypt of Sant'Andrea, in Baroque style, where the remains of the saint are kept.

In the square where it majestically stands, dominating from above, the famous Piazza Duomo there is also a fountain, called S. Andrea Apostolo or del Popolo, built in 1760 and formed by the marble statue of the apostle, at whose feet there are four angels, also in marble.



Valle dei Mulini, Valle delle Ferriere and Paper Museum

More to visit in the city: the Valley of the Mills, the Paper Museum, where there were mills and paper mills of the Maritime Republic, which was powered by the hydraulic energy supplied by the waterfalls of the Canneto river.  Starting from the Middle Ages, one of the most flourishing industries in the city was precisely that of the famous "Carta d 'Amalfi", also called Charta Bambagina, because it was obtained from the reduction of cloths and rags of linen, cotton and hemp to a pulp.

Also interesting is an excursion to the Valle delle Ferriere, extension of the Valle dei Mulini, a natural reserve where ironworks for the transformation of raw iron once stood, imported from the Island of Elba This valley is currently very famous from a botanical point of view since numerous specimens of Woodwardia radicans grow, a tree fern dating back to 65 million years ago. 


Limoncello and delicacies from the Amalfi Coast

In Amalfi we also recommend a stroll around the enchanting town. In every corner, several narrow streets tell of its sumptuous past; many monuments and churches alternate with souvenir and local craft shops, cafes and bars, where you can enjoy excellent ice cream, desserts and the renowned Limoncello liqueur, one of the most characteristic products of the Amalfi Coast, one alcoholic drink obtained from the peel of the Amalfi Coast PGI Lemons, fragrant citrus fruits that grow abundantly in Amalfi coast.

From the port of Amalfi, the nearby coastal towns of Positano, Minori and Maiori are easily reached by sea and in a few minutes, together with the city of Salerno which is only a 35 minutes trip.


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