Avoid the traffic jams on the Coast: #goboating instead!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Amalfi Coast is like a painting: from up close you can admire its details, while from a distance, you can behold its full beauty. #goboating along the Coast to fully experience it: you’ll be enchanted by its beautiful colours, shapes and details.

Beyond its unique beauty, the coastal road connecting Salerno to Positano is famous for its long bends and curves. In the summertime, numerous cars, scooters and buses take this road, which often makes this area highly congested.

To avoid traffic congestion along the 43 km of the 163 Amalfi Highway, you can #goboating on the Amalfi Coast and make this trip pleasant, smooth and unforgettable.

Taking just over an hour, our sea routes will connect you to the ports of the major sites on the Amalfi Coast. Our fleet is composed of 5 spacious motor boats and can transport from 162 passengers minimum to a maximum of 348.

Each vessel has seating both below and on deck, so you can enjoy the view sheltered from the sun or feeling the sea breeze.

No more traffic queues and no more desperately looking for parking: wherever you decide to #goboating, you’ll get there completely stress-free!

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