See you soon to #goboating!

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Another season is coming to an end, bringing with itself the souvenirs of a summer painted in blue, the scent of lemons and the saltiness of the sea.

Together, we have discovered the Coast’s wonders, our Heaven’s corner; we have shared with you some true moments of surprising encounters. We have showed you some breathtaking glimpses, made your unexpected surprises come true; we have forged some sweet memories with you all.

The Amalfi Coast is magic, euphoria, adrenaline. It’s that corner of the world that firstly makes you feel alive observing it while #goboating, then it overwhelms you with its flavours, its colours and its ancient traditions. The Amalfi Coast is that place where time has stopped and you can experience the eternity of its majesty.


Every year, here on the Coast, passions are ignited, prejudices are demolished and the beauty of genuinity is discovered. Every year is a new adventure, for us at Travelmar, and it couldn’t be possible without you and your trust in our maritime services.

A sea full of thanks for letting us live many emotions through your stories, those ones you brought on board on our fleet, those ones you shared on our page, those ones you have told us by voice.

See you in April 2019 to #goboating,obviously. In the meanwhile, keep following us: #travelmar never stops!

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