#goboating: onboard with Travelmar this season!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

This year, we’re again going to be offering the real experience of travelling by sea. We aim to combine the safety and the comfort of our vessels with the delight of visiting the Amalfi Coast’s enchanting landscape. On the 28th of March, TraVelMar will again set sail connecting the most beautiful corners of the Amalfi Coast!

#goboating on the Amalfi Coast is not only a travel option but a privilege for those looking at it: glimpses, coves, cliffs and bays can be found all along our routes. The passengers never miss the chance to witness the beauty of the landscape. The sea magnifies the nature’s colours and the landscape permeates not only the eyes of those who view it, but also their hearts.

#goboating enlists all 5 senses into a complete experience: the warmth of the sun, the vivid colours of the coastline, the sound of the wind, the smell and the flavour of the salt form the sea, all accompany the passenger on the route, and they create a totally different perspective to the Amalfi Coast. #goboating means to experience a short journey that’s full of discoveries.

#goboating with TraVelMar is a break from worries and stress belonging to the overland routes and instead is full of freedom and enthusiasm.

From the 28th of March, our fleet will be ready to sail all along the coast from Salerno to Positano, going through Cetara, Maiori, Minori and Amalfi. Again, we’ll commit to being an efficient and eco-sustainable transportation alternative, by offering regular routes to satisfy the needs of those visiting the Amalfi Coast, always with the respect to the environment. The recent international agreements in the tourist industry are pushing us to keep up the standard of our service up to passengers and tourist bodies’ needs operating on this area.

Our vessels are fast, comfortable and offer a 360º view of the coast. To us, it is essential to guarantee a both engaging and relaxing experience to the passengers who choose TraVelMar, with no concerns about parking, congestion or traffic jam. TraVelMar is an efficient alternative to the congested overland routes.

Enjoy your moment on board. We’ll take care of the rest!

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